Case Study

Building Components Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail

The writing on the wall: driving growth across B2B and B2C channels

As a subsidiary of a large, global construction components manufacturing business, our client specialises in the manufacture, import, distribution, and retail of kitchen components. This market is worth billions with various sectors reporting CAGR of between three and six per cent.

However, despite such opportunity and potential for growth, with more than 12,000 product lines, over half a million square feet of warehousing within the UK, and an annual turnover of more than £120m, our client was exposed to a great deal of risk. This was not only because of a lack of transparency into current processes and systems, but also no clear technical roadmap.

This was seen most keenly in the lack of a customer relationship management (CRM) system and an insecure, aging, on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with excessive and costly customisations. Taken together, these conditions had severely restricted growth and inhibited operational efficiency.

Instructed by the parent company, BML supplied an interim c-suite figurehead to fill a pronounced lack of technology leadership. Both the client and BML then began an intensive programme of assessing the risk and opportunities within the company.

Driven by an overarching objective of enabling growth, this programme proposed a full re-engineering of processes to eliminate paper-based, manually recorded sales, stock monitoring and supply chain interactions.

Most of all, this strategy was tasked with removing the internal competition within the company that saw a substantial loss of business as one outlet or channel cannibalised sales from another.

BML Digital developed a complete roadmap for a seven-figure technology investment that would position the company for growth, including:


Updated technology within both supply chain and warehouse environments


The implementation of a cloud-based ERP


The implementation of a cloud-based CRM system to cover both B2B accounts and B2C channels


The implementation of a new sales tool for the B2B field sales teams

Following research, consultancy, and presentations by BML, senior management within the client bought in fully to the proposed strategy.  This is currently being implemented and has already resulted in a decreased loss of sales.

Outcomes include:


Unanimous board approval of the assessment and proposed roadmap


BML Digital retained for ongoing change oversight, advisory, assurance, digital business strategy, and coaching internal senior managers


Immediate web and ecommerce stabilisation and improvements to supply chain


Programme of updating core infrastructure begun

Looking to the future, in the immediate short-term, the client will be implementing metrics to track improvements in customer service. These focus around improved stock alignment and subsequently matching sales resource to the most profitable customers.

Beyond this, the ongoing evolution of both the CRM and ERP systems will help ensure that client can realise plans for growth and agility without excessive, increased headcount. This will position the client at the forefront of the industry and drive profitability and efficiency.