Case Study

Activewear Brand and Online Retail Operations

Matching operational capability to meteoric growth

Our client designs and manufactures a range of outdoor wear for women, sold solely via its own website. With a proven track record of entrepreneurial risk-taking and an avid base of loyal customers, our client has recently enjoyed a 2000% increase in revenue since the launch of its web shop in 2017. In 2018, the outdoor clothing market was valued at approximately $12.7 billion and is forecast to reach $19.6 billion by 2026.

However, despite this incredible potential for growth, our client faced substantial operational difficulties a lack of accurate data on the customer base and no visibility into the customer experience or preferences.

This was manifested in delays in replenishing stock, driven by a lack of visibility into demand and throughout the supply chain. This meant that customer demand could not be fulfilled quickly enough for some items, whilst others sat unsold.

This had led to the client taking on additional headcount to drive spreadsheet and paper-based processes. Despite these substantial increases in personnel, the business still suffered from a lack of scalability, no visibility into the supply chain or integration with partners. Quality and consistency issues throughout the sales process also arose.

Appointed by the venture capital team behind an investment made in 2019, BML Digital initiated a full, current-state review of all processes and technology, and proposed several points of eCommerce and operational improvement. These not only automated existing processes but enabled the opportunity to add further channels in the future.

This included:


A full review of the customer experience and the recommendation of customer experience management (CXM) technologies


A set of proposed customer relationship management (CRM) software options to develop an accurate, factual assessment of the target market demographic, rather than an instinctive ‘gut feel’ that drove product choices and marketing


A review of the product development and manufacturing processes


The implementation of digital asset management (DAM) software to lead the client to an automated capability and the ability to exploit new ‘headless’ content technologies


Reporting and analytics technologies to enable accurate, fast visibility into both demand patterns and supply chain options

BML then made several recommendations on the sourcing of new systems and technology within a defined six-month timeline that could address specific, short-term issues such as the handling of returned stock, and the movement of inventory throughout the client’s warehouse facility.

This clearly defined, pragmatic strategy has been adopted by the board and has had the effect of ‘turning the light on’ and prioritising plans for investment. 

It is anticipated it will approximately halve the need for additional headcount whilst accelerating customer response and improving the alignment of product offerings to the demands of the market.

Outcomes achieved:


Full board approval of the assessment and roadmap


Investment plan to address risks within the business approved


BML Digital engaged for phased delivery of new capabilities to develop business maturity

These choices will position our client for further growth and continued leadership in the women’s outdoor wear market.