Embracing Humanity in the Digital Age

Digital agility success relies as much on people as it does on tech, says Ben Johnson, CEO of BML Global

In a world where data is king, it is easy to lose sight of the most critical element to successful digital transformation – humanity.  As businesses continue to invest in digital transformation and change projects to stay competitive, the importance of putting humans at the center of these initiatives must not be forgotten.

A 360 Degree Approach

Here at BML Digital, we always take a 360 degree approach, giving equal weighting to the human aspects – people, culture, organisation and process just as much as the technical or equipment elements of digitalisation – namely the systems, technology, data and analytics. We see too many organisations focusing heavily on the expected capabilities of the new software and technology, without considering the impact on the people who will be interacting with it. This needs to be scoped out from day 1, not down the line when its too late. Putting people at the heart of any process will ensure true integration.

No one size fits all

With Digital change programmes, there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Individuals and teams will have different processes and ways of working. Clear and consistent dialogue, alongside a robust approach to training, is crucial to understanding at what pace and at what scale new systems should be rolled out to make any Digital transition as smooth as possible. Setting people up to succeed, and helping them prepare and integrate with a digital transformation, is the best way to build strong foundations for future evolution. Something a robust digital strategy will always require.

Enhancing the customer journey

In today’s hyper connected world, customers expect seamless and personalised brand experiences.  They expect organisations they are dealing with to not only understand, but to anticipate their needs, ensure meaningful interactions, build trust and loyalty. A human-centric approach will always ensure that technology serves as an enabler, rather than a barrier of success.

The importance of inclusivity

Digital transformation and change management is powerful thing. It has the ability to break down barriers and emphasize inclusivity and accessibility to all. Never has this been more important – people and their differences are what makes us unique and what will drive us to succeed.  Tech just helps that along the way.

Driving sustainable innovation

Innovation will always thrive in an environment where creativity and empathy intertwine.  A human approach encourages a culture of experimentation and continuous learning which in turn will help businesses evolve and adapt to ever changing markets and stay ahead of the competition.

A human-cenric approach isn’t a nice to have, it’s a strategic necessity when it comes to planning and implementing your digital transformation project.  By putting human needs at the forefront of decision making, organisations will drive meaningful change and create value for all – both internal stakeholders and customers alike.

In a world powered by technology, it’s the human touch which makes the difference.

BML Digital are one of the Top Tech consulting firms in the UK, and we put humans first.  Get in touch if you would like to discuss your next Digital Strategy or Digital Transformation project.  We have helped many others, from The Royal Mail and Bupa, to Park Holidays, Stark Group and more.  We can help you too.

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